Product FAQ

1. Maybe the headphone is out of power that it needs to be fully charged. If charged more than 30 minutes and there is still no light flashing. Maybe there is something wrong with the battery.

2. There is something wrong with chip data. You can try to restore the factory default settings.

3. Exclude the human factors (such as water damage, get wet and so on).

1. Mis operation. The headphone is on, but still does not enter the status of being searched. Please note that only when the red and blue lights flash can it be searched for.

2. If the red lights and blue lights alternately flash, (geek is that the blue light keeps on) but the phone can’t search for it yet, you can try as following: (1) Turn off the phone Bluetooth, reboot, and search again; (2) Restart the phone and search again. (3) Every chip of the products owns memory function. That is to say, every headphone can be repair with the device that paired with before automatically. However, the storage spaces of every chip can memory up to 6 to 8 devices. If headset pairs with devices exceed its limitation, it can be searched for anymore. Please restore the factory default settings of headphone, and connect again. If it fails, it may point to the problems of headphone signal ends, which we should offer exchange or refund.

If you can search the Bluetooth headphone in your phone but can’t connect it. Firstly, you should exclude that the headset had been paired with another cell phone before. (Please note that if the headset had been pair with another cell phone and this cell phone does not turn off its Bluetooth. Headset would pair with this cell phone automatically) You need to delete the phone connected records, restart it and reboot the headphone pairing mode so that it can be searched and paired.

1. Try to input "0000".

2. Maybe there is something wrong with Bluetooth data in your phone. You need to delete the phone connected records, restart it and reboot the headphone pairing mode so that it can be searched and paired.

1. Phone or headphone is of low battery, please charge it fully.

2. The distance between the phone and headphone is too far (within 10 meters) or there is obstruction resulting in unstable signal, such as WIFI and so on. In this situation, please reboot the headphone, fully charge it and try it again anywhere without signal interference.

3. While walking, please put your phone and headphone in the pockets on the same side.

4. Clear all the devices paired before. Turn off the Bluetooth of the cellphone. Try to reboot and reconnect.

5. The signal of the cell phone varies according to the cell phone brands. iPhone is the best one, and then goes the Samsung in current marketing. The Bluetooth of other unknown cell phones is weaker. If Sound cuts in and cuts out, please try to pair it with other cell phones with better signals.

1. Low battery of headphone will lead to sound delay.

2. it’s related to the way Bluetooth works. Bluetooth sampling rate and error rate would be damaged during the time when the cell phone audio is processed to Bluetooth phone to be accepted and decoded.

1. No sound when making phone call or listening music.

2. No sound in the headphone or in the microphone.

3. Make sure both mobile audio and media audio are turned on first and reboot the cell phone if there is still no sound.4. Restore the factory default settings of the headphone.

1. Headphone data errors occur restore the factory default settings of the headphone.

2. Bluetooth data errors occur in the cell phone reboot the cell phone.

3. If the all methods fail, the circuit of the speaker maybe damaged by human factors or exogenic forces.

1. Figure out what kind of charger is used to charge. Please use other charging cables to charge.

2. The light is on or not when charging.

3. It could be the battery problem if the light still isn’t on after charging the headphone more than 30 minutes.

The electric quantity of the new headphone is not activated to maximization. It is suggested that you fully charge and discharge the battery a few more time. The actual use of the electricity affected by many factors, such as volume level of the sound, distance of connection, the strength of the signal…… So, the actual usage time depends on the usage methods and strength.

1. Maybe the player of cell phone did not activate the function of skipping songs by wire. Please check the skipping songs by wire in the setting of the player.

2. The player is not compatible. Try on another player or other cell phone, see if it works.

3. Please check all settings, and then earphone, at last goes to skip previous song/next song.

The power displayed on the phone is inaccurate because there is something wrong with the power-displaying firmware. The indicator turns into blue when charging completed. You can observe how long the headset lasts and whether it last as advertised.

In general, charge pals are with current protection. Battery capacity of Bluetooth headset itself is small. Electric current is small as about 70MA ~ 2MA while charging, which is lower than the saturation current detection range of mobile power. Therefore, it may be mistaken that the headset is full of power when charging it by charging pal. Because the charging electric current is small, the charge pal will automatically turn off the 5V output. Explanation: To judge whether the headset is charged fully is based on the size of the charge current.

Please use the speaker to enter into Photo Mode, then exit.

1. For computers with Bluetooth capability: (1) Right click the Bluetooth function and click "search for devices". (2) Select the searched device. (3) Click "pairing". (4) Select the device and right click the device name. (5) Click "search service". (6) Select "mono/ high-quality audio".

2. For computers without Bluetooth capability: (1) Insert the Bluetooth adapter. (2) Install Bluetooth Driver (such as: IVT). (3) After successfully installed, there will be a Bluetooth icon on the right-hand corner, click to initiate Bluetooth function. (4) After the icon turned blue, right click to display classic interface. (5) Right click to select "search for devices". (6) Right click and select "pairing" after searched the corresponding device. (7) Right click the device name to select "search service" after successfully paired. (8) Select "mono/ high-quality audio".

3. For Apple computers or laptops: (1) Select “set” and choose "Bluetooth". (2) It will automatically search for device and click "search for Bluetooth". (3) Select the device name to pair.

Connect to your cellphone to check if it still has no sound while listening to the music. If so, the circuit of the speaker may be broken. If it has sound, then it may because you’ve closed the voice prompt function. Please long press the volume+ button for 3 seconds on the pairing mode to initiate the voice prompt function and long press the volume- button for 3 second to turn off the function.

Yes, it can be connected to the Bluetooth enabled devices.

Yes, it will. Support MP3 format, but not support lossless music.

1. The Bluetooth headphones support audio output function of third-party software (maybe it will incompatible with some software as they haven’t dealt with the Bluetooth module, but this is caused by the software itself).

2. Most cellphones have both conversation volume control and music volume controls. The conversation volume is the same as third-party software. If you hear low volume comes out from the headphone. Please make sure the following two settings are right. (1) Turn up the volume while having conversation. (2) The headphone is connected to the cellphone, namely, you’ve connected the both the cellphone audio and Media audio.

3. Make sure you’ve adjusted to the appropriate volume and put the bottom of the headphone right to your mouth to get the better effect.4. Suggest selecting the receiver mode while using the third-party software to play.

It is because you haven’t successfully connected it at the first time, then you failed to reconnect it after disconnected. The failure is caused by the signal disruption when you first connect it, you may delete the device from you cellphone, turn off the Bluetooth function and then begin to search to connect it again.

When using Skype, you need to set the audio source of the microphone and loud-speaker to "Bluetooth SCO Audio".

It may be because the cellphone has no built-in broadcast antenna, you need to insert the wired headphone to act as the antenna.

It may be caused by the gaming software as it invoked the audio channel.

No, it won’t. The data network or the upload /download speed of Wi-Fi have something to do with the signal of the network, you can try to turn off the Bluetooth to test.

The iWatch is an output device of Bluetooth device itself, so it will not work after connected to the Bluetooth headphone.

This is caused by the underlying CSR chip, currently the manufacture of CSR chip is undertaking this, but still has no improvement.

The operation of how to restore the factory default settings of headphone is related to the design of the products from different manufacturers. There are different operations with different designs and specifications. If there is anything we can help with, please contact our customer service team.

1. Try to adjust the wearing angle and the depth of the ear. Please try different ear buds if there are to fit you comfortable.

2. Everyone has different head size and ear shape. We have tried our best but still could not meet everyone’s requirement. If the headset does not fit comfortably or falls out during sports, please feel free to contact us, we will be recommended another headset for you to have other try.