Kurdene S8

Bluetooth 5.0 & One-Step Pairing

Kurdene V8

Hi-Fi Audio Sound & Strong Bass

Kurdene is the brand you can trust

Noise Cancelling; Waterproof; Running Compatible. Deep Bass Sound.

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What Customers Are Saying

The color of this case is a perfect blush color. It feels so soft on the hands. I love that it’s not bulky but it still feels protected. I ordered this case and the same brand wireless charger. I’m really liking this MagSafe feature especially with my third party magnetic car mount.


Love that I received this order very quickly as I very much as described.Is soft and fits my phone very well.
I am also able to fit a magnet at the bottom to use in the car for handsfree use and the case still fits the phone very well.

Althea R. Wilkinson

Decided to give this case a shot and it seems like a good value - it fits right and the case works great with magsafe charging. The magnets in this case are very nearly as strong as my Apple leather case.


Superior Music Quality

True wireless stereo equipped the moving-coil Horn loudspeaker

Customizable Design

An ergonomic design ensures all-day comfort

Easy Touch Control

Control all the functions with a gentle touch on the earbuds

IPX8 Waterproof

Both earbuds with IP68 waterproof, protects earbuds from rain and sweat