Question: Can it work with facetime on iphone or ios devices?

Answer: Sure,it can work with IOS and Android smartphones!


Question: Can I turn these off ?

Answer: Yes they're automatically off when you put them back to charge case


Question: May I know how’s the warranty? How long is it? Warranty come from the seller?

Answer: One year,Headphones arrival time,sure,warranty come form the seller.


Question: Can you listen to music in the shower with these, or will they get ruined?

Answer: Yes,you can! The unit is supported to be waterproof.


Question: With iphone, i cant lower the volume enough while sleeping. otherwise they are great!. how to reduce volume?

Answer: The volume can be adjusted according to the instructions of the manual, or the volume can be adjusted through the mobile phone


Question: If we buy 2 pairs, can i pair with my iphone and wife with her own iphone at same time? both are named s8

Answer: You should be able to rename your Bluetooth devices in your phone settings


Question: My earbuds are connected via bluetooth but i can't hear anything? is there a way to fix this or are they defective? they just stopped working.

Answer: When connected the voice command will let you know it, try holding you finger over the back of the bud for 3 seconds. They come complete with instructions in the box.


Question: Does it have protective case I can use to clip onto a gym bag or bike?

Answer: No it doesn’t. The case you see is a charger/case. You could store it in your gym bag.


Question: The right earbud paired fine but the left says its pairing but doesn't show up on my iphone

Answer: When the left and right ears are paired at the same time, the phone will automatically merge and display an S8